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Meet Us at the Square: The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference at Union Square

The J.P. Morgan 34th annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco starts on January 11, 2016, and runs for 4 days. It’s among the life science industry’s largest and most impactful conferences of the year, and attendance is by invitation only. iAssay will be there.

If you have a Point of Care assay that’s all ready for Prime Time, or if it’s in development and you need a “Reader,” we want to hear about it.

We are the World’s 1st open platform for Point of Care (POC) testing. If you are looking for a “one size fits all” wireless, handheld device that can perform a full panel on a patient and report results to The Cloud, you’ll want to hear our story. Our goal is to develop an ecosystem of innovation in the POC space with our strategic assay partners. We’ve been called “The Square of Healthcare” because our system is simple, versatile, and accepts many test cartridge formats, similar to the way Square accepts any payment method.

Our management team will be at the JP Morgan venues and offsite (at the OneMED meeting) in the Union Square throughout the Conference period. You can tweet us @lonnieadelman at the meeting, contact us through the OneMED app, or get in touch in advance by email: or .