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iAssay Graduates from CONNECT's Prestigious Springboard Program


CONNECT, La Jolla, CA – March 23 – iAssay, the company who has created The iAssay® System (int’l patents pending), the world’s first Open Platform for wirelessly connected Point of Care diagnostics, presented its final presentation last week at the Jones Day office as part of CONNECT’s Springboard program.


The mentors who helped iAssay along their journey were Stuart Noble – Lead EIR, James Smith – Finance Domain Expert, and Dan Skalko – Marketing Domain Expert.


The product they are launching replaces a closet full of single function readers (each costing 4X more) by a single device and adaptor plug-ins. The device HIPPA compliantly aggregates test/patient/wearables data and pushes all data into The Cloud. iAssay eliminates multiple daily trips with blood samples to central labs by testing the patient wherever they are. Testing at the patients’ bedside in a few minutes eliminates test result delays (and delayed diagnosis), eliminates sample handling and transportation costs, improves patient outcomes, and saves the healthcare system money.


Congrats iAssay! We can’t wait to see what success you achieve.