The iAssay® System (int’l patents pending) is the world’s 1st Open Platform for wirelessly connected Point of Care diagnostics.  The functionality of a closet full of single function readers (each costing 4X more), is replaced by a single device and adaptor plug-ins. The device HIPPA compliantly aggregates test/patient/wearables data and pushes all data into The Cloud.  iAssay eliminates multiple daily trips with blood samples to central labs by testing the patient wherever they are. Testing at the patients’ bedside in a few minutes eliminates test result delays (and delayed diagnosis), eliminates sample handling and transportation costs, improves patient outcomes, and saves the healthcare system money.

iAssay®, Point of care diagnostics. Improves patient outcomes and saves Healthcare money

Immediate test results and patient treatment reduces the likelihood of a re-admission “within 30 days of discharge” that could result in hospital penalties under Accountable Care.




As-Is POCT Process


  • Non-compliance – patient doesn’t visit lab for follow-up  tests, so professional comes to them
  • Time + money wasted by Nurse ferrying samples to the lab
  • Test results are not uploaded to Cloud or populated into EMRs/EHRs
  • Less exams per day – Nurse becomes samples courier
  • If doctor decides that additional tests are needed, the nurse visits the patient again.
To-Be POCT Process with iAssay


  • Results from whole blood in minutes, uploaded to the Cloud, then populated into EMRs
  • Instant access to results – faster decisions – Telehealth Opportunity
  • Lower costs – costs less than sending to a lab
  • Lower costs – reduce time and expense  of transporting samples
  • Ensure sample integrity – less possibility of sample degradation
  • Turn Home Visit into Diagnostic and Learning Experience
  • Simple hand held device, Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth, ‘open platform’ – universal format, disposable tests

Bonus – Possible New Revenue Stream for HCOs and Traveling Nurse Associations

Our Product

The iAssay® System is designed for use POC at a patient’s home by home health care practitioners, at the primary care physician’s office, by paramedics/EMTs on-site and in transport, by ED staff for triage, and in clinics and pharmacies. One device (instead of a closet full of single function readers) provides a patient panel in minutes. Test, patient, and local wearable data is pushed into The Cloud HIPPA compliantly to enable auto-EHR population, auto-reimbursement billings, and remote physician monitoring.

Any popular test cartridge format can be used by plugging in the appropriate “Adaptor Module” into the Open Platform designed and produced by iAssay® and strategic partners, then inserting the test cartridge into the Adaptor Module. The combination of platform and adaptor operates the test cartridge exactly as the cartridge manufacturer intends, but at a small fraction of the price of a single function reader. iAssay will be initially providing POC testing for glucose, electrolytes, cardiac markers, hematology, and PT/INR.

iAssay’s customers save money because the low manufacturing costs and capabilities of a mass produced smartphone engine is leveraged to control The iAssay® System, perform analysis, provide an operator interface, and provide “wireless everything” capabilities. The smartphone and test cartridge Adaptor Module work together to provide the proper protocol and electrical interface to operate the test cartridge.

In addition to Adaptor Modules that adapt POC test cartridges to the platform, Functional Modules (e.g. high speed microprocessor, satellite communications, imaging, and fluid control) allow for iAssay® System functional easy hardware expansion by just inserting a plug-in.

The capabilities of The iAssay® System are essentially limitless from a Point of Care standpoint because of smartphone programmability (Apps) and plug-ins. All Point of care assays can now be run on one inexpensive platform, eliminating the need for multiple readers.

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